My birthday gift…..The Drone

With total abandon, I rushed outside drone in hand.  My Mother said something about “staying in the field, and away from the house”, but my mind simply didn’t register the urgency of her statement.  Out to the field I ran, “this is far enough, I thought”.  Not bothering to read the multiple page instruction document […]

Oh where oh where can my Sophie be…..

We have some good leads right now we are following up on but I’ve also had some scary news recently that didn’t pertain to Sophie exactly but it could. Someone called me the other day because she had found her lost dog who looked almost identical to Sophie and apparently it was because she was […]

Still missing….

PLEASE STOP, read and share this – MELBOURNE AND GRANT AREA PUG LOVERS! Have you seen Sophie? She is LOST! She was lost at the intersection of 3rd St and Old Dixie Highway in Grant, Fl (Around Melbourne). She took off around 9:45am on December 31, 2015. IF SEEN or FOUND please call 321-948-8932 or […]

Brooke’s Plea

From Brooke:   I have loved pugs ever since I can remember. Their squished faces, their snores, their curly tail, their weird bark, the way the run and tuck their butts underneath themselves, etc. I did research upon research on the breed, every known problem and talked to many pug owners about their experience actually […]

Crazy Christmas….

Christmas is usually a crazy time of the year but this Christmas break from school was a mess. My girlfriend Brooke, waited all of her life to be able to adopt a Pug. For as long as I’ve know her all she talked about was adopting a pug.  In September her dream came true and […]

My Life and Other Things

So I’m 19 about to be 20 in December. December 23rd to be exact.  I was born a bit early. My mom likes to tell the story of how I was her best Christmas present ever.  I wasn’t due to arrive until January 13th, but when my mom went for her check up she was […]