My Life and Other Things

So I’m 19 about to be 20 in December. December 23rd to be exact.  I was born a bit early. My mom likes to tell the story of how I was her best Christmas present ever.  I wasn’t due to arrive until January 13th, but when my mom went for her check up she was in for the surprise of all surprises.  Let me go back a day or so before her doctors appointment. You see my mom was living in Hawaii at the time with my dad, (I’ll explain more about that moron a little bit later) and being so far from her family in New Jersey, she liked to have all of her friends come over on Christmas Eve to help decorate the Christmas Tree.  But before that her girlfriends had come over on December 21st to help bake Christmas cookies. They baked and baked and baked for hours on end. The next day was December 22, the day of her doctors appointment. So my mom goes for her monthly check up and the doctor asks her if she’s having any labor pains. My mom says “No, I’m feeling great” the doctors looks at her and asks again, “Are you sure? No labor pains?” My mom again says, “No” The doctors then announces that my mom is 5 centimeters dialated and that I’m on my way.  My mom bugs out and says, “No, I’m not I’m going home” and the doctors says “No, you’re going to get checked in your going to have this baby tonight”

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