Brooke’s Plea

From Brooke:


I have loved pugs ever since I can remember. Their squished faces, their snores, their curly tail, their weird bark, the way the run and tuck their butts underneath themselves, etc. I did research upon research on the breed, every known problem and talked to many pug owners about their experience actually owning one. I knew one day, I would get my dream dog but not until I could spoil it and give it the best life I possibly could.

Freshman year of college, I decided that for college graduation, that was what I wanted. My very own pug, my very own little nugget I could call my own, for every dog I poured my heart and soul into, I handed back to a service dog organization so it could go make someone else happy just like a little pug would someday do for me. My experience raising those service dogs is not one I would ever trade, but Sophie was my chance to actually not have to worry about heartbreak due to having to say goodbye, however this unforeseen incident happened and Sophie got away from me and ran into your arms.

She is adorable, playful, lovable, excitable and honestly perfect in every way. With my last service dog that I raised, when they gave me the deadline for when I would have to give him up, I started researching pug rescues so I could give one little pug a good life, one that someone else may have been unable to give them because I knew having to give another dog up would destroy me. I went through countless interviews and phone calls to get even approved through the organization to even consider getting Sophie. However, I found her and she found me. She was everything I ever wanted and more.

My sophomore year of college, I started having an unbelievable amount of stress and anxiety to the point where I nearly failed out of school. I had to load on the stress and anxiety onto my shoulders and just hold it there with no way of unloading it in order to stay in school and yes, many people go through this in college, but I physically couldn’t handle it. My depression got worse and I had no one to truly talk about this to. I felt like having little fur babies gave me the opportunity to talk about my feelings and my problems and they would just listen and continue to love me, which is exactly what I needed and that is why Sophie became my Emotional Support Animal only a month after adopting her for she did just that for me.

The moment I held Sophie for the first time, she became my release. I felt like she took care of me and no matter my horrible mood, she would always make me smile. Whether it was the weird way she chased her tail, her weird excited cry-bark that she got every time she saw me, or how she enjoyed being right next to me no matter where I was, it made me happy and that meant the world to me.

Losing her is literally eating me alive. I cry daily and have between 5-6 anxiety attacks throughout the day. I truly don’t know how I am going to make it through school without her by my side. I have friends and family supporting me, but no one is there for me like she was. She just had this weird sense whenever I wasn’t feeling right and she knew just the thing to do to make me smile again.
I know, whoever found her is probably attached to her and when they picked her up and saw she had no collar on, they thought she belonged to no one. However, she had just received a bath the day before, her ears were clean, her nails trimmed, her wrinkles cleaned. These are the signs of a pug that were well taken care of and that is what I did for her every week to make sure she was in good health. She took care of me, I took care of her.

Sophie is very loved, beyond comprehension. My whole family is distraught at me losing her and seeing me go through this excruciating time. I have done everything I could possibly do to get her back. Please, I am asking you with every bit of my soul, my heart and my body, to please GOD return her to me. I have PRAYED to have her returned to me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since she has disappeared.

Please, give me back my baby. I am begging you.


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